Where cutting-edge research meets captivating keynote speakers fostering collaboration and innovation in pain management.

 April 12 - 13, 2024

Welcome to Cleveland Pain Symposium

Welcome to the Cleveland Pain Symposium - Where Expertise Meets Innovation. Join us on for insightful discussions, groundbreaking research, and the unique fusion of knowledge. Explore the latest advancements, connect with like-minded professionals, and forge collaborations that redefine the landscape of pain relief. Your presence adds a vital dimension to this gathering of thought leaders. 

Come join us as we dive into meaningful conversations and connect with professionals shaping the future of pain relief.

Explore the Latest on Pain

Announcing an event for fundamental researchers, trainees and clinicians working to understand and solve the challenges of pain.

Please join us April 12th - 13th  on the Health Education Campus at the Cleveland Clinic for an inaugural symposium sharing the latest clinical and research approaches to pain management. Expert speakers representing healthcare, academic institutions, and industry will present their current approaches, providing a multi-faceted look at the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain.

Key themes for this event include Personalized Pain Management with the help of biomarkers, wearables, brain imaging, and data analytics; and Neuromodulation, such as SCS and photo-bio modulation, for treating pain. Discussions will also examine the relationship between chronic pain and the opioid epidemic, treating ocular pain, the use of stem cell therapies, and the bioethics of pain management.


This symposium is sponsored by the Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Center, Case Western Reserve University, and Cleveland Clinic Consortium for Pain.

Meet Your Speakers

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